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Daily habit cause you acne

Skin Care Tips

Daily habit cause you acne

You could skip adolescence, but you still suffer from acne, causing you frustration and embarrassment, and make you wonder about the reasons for the worsening of the problem. We met a large number of experts to identify the factors that cause a relapse of the skin, and this is the result.http://www.skincaremoz.com/

Usually the first: the use of make-up which contains ingredients may cause irritation There are certain components in the makeup and sunscreens, which you place a lot of them, causing the appearance of pimples. This does not mean that you give up the cream base, or stop the development of sunscreen, but you have to well cards, lotions, and make sure they are free of the following elements: Artificial colors: Look between the components for FD & C, Dry Skin Care
which means that the product contains artificial color. This may irritate the skin, and if it is in a lipstick or, may cause the spread of pimples around your mouth or cheeks. Lanolin: The term is basically a luxury for fat sheep, and while it may be good for dry skin, but it is not appropriate for acne-prone skin. Mineral oil:

This oil is a layer on your skin, which locked up the dead skin cells and bacteria (the main causes for acne) may also cause you rashes, a small white blisters on the skin. Oil: This oil and you do not need to put more oil on your face. Isopropyl (Isopropyl): may make your skin less oily in texture, but it fills the pores and cause skin irritation. Artificial Fragrance: This fragrance may irritate the skin and cause pimples. Try to use fragrance-free products, as much as you can.


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