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You could treat the effects of facial burns without resorting to surgery

Skin Care Tips

You could treat the effects of facial burns without resorting to surgery

Posted reader says, I suffer from the effects of the presence of old wounds Face, can be treated without resorting to surgery.http://www.skincaremoz.com/

Answer, Professor of Plastic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, and secretary-general of the International Society of Plastic Surgery for the continent of Africa, saying, there are some injuries that are not non-surgical methods of convincing to get her a satisfactory solution, such as: Scars after acne, especially in darker skin and greasy like most Arab region. How to skin care

The effects of old wounds, especially in the facial area The face and neck, especially around the eyes and eyelids and neck area, especially in its early stages, which do not require surgery to flatten, and be repeated injections Botox and fillers and cumbersome burden of a person. Lines and cracks the skin after pregnancy or weight gain, which is what, is known as, a widespread and difficult to resolve. Patches of dark skin from sun exposure and age, especially in the face and back of the hands Freckles, pigmentation of the skin in the face, especially after pregnancy and in middle-aged people in many, the effects of burns and disfiguring burns in the face and hands and limbs and body in general


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