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Daily habit cause you acne

Skin Care Tips

Daily habit cause you acne

You know that stress causes acceleration of the heart and stomach flop, and wrinkles, but you know it may also increase the hormones that cause acne? Is sad, but it's true. You cannot relax just because we said you can do this (would be great if this was possible), but you can do many other things to relax. Frequent sleep on dirty pillow cover As if to wash soiled clothing is not troublesome enough, but may also cause acne. http://www.skincaremoz.com/guttate-psoriasis-why-to-treat-at-home/

Think about it: have your face on the pillow for hours in a row, and if you were not clean, you're sleeping on a large number of dead skin cells and bacteria. As for the towels, and if we’re not always clean, you may be germs on your skin that you just clean it. It is advisable to change the pillowcase once or twice a week and the use of clean towels. And remember that a lot of disinfectants and fabrics moisturizers contain perfume may also cause irritability.Hair products do you use Do not think a lot of people that hair products may cause them to acne, but an intellectual in the number of times that it touches your hair and your face. How to stop hair loss And remember that unless wash your hair every night before going to sleep, will move all of these products to the pillow. The hair products with oil, silicon and plastic materials clog the pores of your skin, if entered into, so if you want to your hair, or you have a surprise touches your forehead; try to stay away from products that contain these ingredients. Use make-up tools soiled Since you read product labels on products to know the make-up materials that cause acne, you have to think about make-up and also and to other tools do you use make-up. The make-up tools are full of bacteria and dead skin cells, making it a fertile environment to cause blisters. Remember, should use make-up sponge once and for clean up make-up brushes once a week shampoo or detergent particular, it will maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your skin.


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