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Put perfume on the skin and exposure to the sun causes skin discoloration

Skin Care Tips

Put perfume on the skin and exposure to the sun causes skin discoloration

Said, consultant dermatologist and cosmetic laser at the University of Cairo, said that the perfumes that contain oils, aromatic essential compounds solvent lead to the occurrence of allergic skin and eczema contactless namely the sensitivity of the product as a result of the willingness of genetic, because the immune system recognizes the perfume like a foreign body and reacts with it , pointing out that there is eczema be due to inflammatory material of the skin and skin within the fragrance.http://www.skincaremoz.com/
The consultant dermatologist in a statement for "The Seventh Day", that many uses perfume on the skin and comes out to light, especially sunlight and do not know that perfumes interact with the sun, and spoke skin patches dark-colored lead to the occurrence of pigmentation in the skin, which are severe cases are difficult to treat , so it is advisable to avoid the development of perfumes and direct exposure to the sun.Skin Care

The perfume of high quality and other less quality not nothing but the purity, but both lead to the Sense skin and when they occur are avoided to prevent the development of fragrances and taking tablets objective under the supervision of a physician and after treating allergies is to use fragrance again, while the return of sensitivity is the exclusion of the product, because it would be the very center leads to skin sensitivity. The doctor added that the treatment of infections or skin allergies be objective and drive under the supervision of a specialist doctor.


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