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Skin Care Tips

You could treat the effects of facial burns without resorting to surgery

Posted reader says, I suffer from the effects of the presence of old wounds Face, can be treated without resorting to surgery.http://www.skincaremoz.com/

Answer, Professor of Plastic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, and secretary-general of the International Society of Plastic Surgery for the continent of Africa, saying, there are some injuries that are not non-surgical methods of convincing to get her a satisfactory solution, such as: Scars after acne, especially in darker skin and greasy like most Arab region. How to skin care

The effects of old wounds, especially in the facial area The face and neck, especially around the eyes and eyelids and neck area, especially in its early stages, which ...


Virtual masks is not enough to treat the "spots" in the body

30-year-old, saying: "I have some spots in my body, and I doubt they cost, what is the solution, and can I get rid of them?
Answer, Consultant Dermatology and reproductive, pointing out that most women suffer from blotches varying colors, of light and dark, and spread to different parts of the body, especially on the neck, face, and hands, for many reasons, so women must liquid.http://www.skincaremoz.com/
Go to a doctor is following her, to recognize the quality of what plagued him, whether that was, or eczema, blotching or body, and to determine the cause and appropriate treatment. Confirms smile, it cannot be healing spots appearing on the human body, without going to the doctor, and get to know the real reason, and treatment, and disposal, is not sufficient ...


What treat freckles and skin patches

Ask one of the ladies: Is there a cure for freckles or skin patches? Answer consultant plastic surgery FRCS member of the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons, said: spotting means increased secretion of skin melanin, which gives skin its original color, and may be due to abnormal proliferation of pigment cells. http://www.skincaremoz.com/

It is colored patches appear on different parts of the body including the face, neck and areas such as the bikinis - and areas such as the knees and joints elbows. Types of pigmentation: genetic: such as birthmarks and moles and some types of freckles.
This may appear pigmentation since birth or at any age later. Acquired: such costs "which is what often happens with pregnancy or with frequent exposure to the sun," and his ...


Put perfume on the skin and exposure to the sun causes skin discoloration

Said, consultant dermatologist and cosmetic laser at the University of Cairo, said that the perfumes that contain oils, aromatic essential compounds solvent lead to the occurrence of allergic skin and eczema contactless namely the sensitivity of the product as a result of the willingness of genetic, because the immune system recognizes the perfume like a foreign body and reacts with it , pointing out that there is eczema be due to inflammatory material of the skin and skin within the fragrance.http://www.skincaremoz.com/
The consultant dermatologist in a statement for "The Seventh Day", that many uses perfume on the skin and comes out to light, especially sunlight and do not know that perfumes interact with the sun, and spoke skin patches dark-colored lead to the ...


Facts about skin - Skin care reviews

Use creams rich in vitamin A or substance of things that benefit your skin, so as to their therapeutic properties of the grains and blisters in the skin, face, generally, it also works to reduce the symptoms of aging and delay the signs of aging.http://www.skincaremoz.com/

But used the wrong form prevents advantage of these properties. As the deadline put these products is very important. 's Setup during the day reduces its effectiveness because exposing it to sunlight reduces the impact of the good. To make the most of them you have the following: Wash your face nice evening, then put cream provider of vitamin A and then my humidifier directly. When Makers of drugs to treat the grain? Skin ...


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